April 15

My Mission Statement


If you follow your principles you will achieve your mission statement. Your Mission Statement is based off of the principles that you think of as important and it is about something your passionate about. So get out there and follow your principles and you will achieve your mission statement.

Love others, help others, be truthful and rope n ride. Your Mission Statement also has to do with your values and how you treat others. Are you following your principles to met your mission statement?

February 26


Your attitude is very important. It can help you positive and negative it all depends on how you use it. If  you don’t like the way you attitude you can change it.

If you always have a bad attitude it will effect you negatively. If you always have a good attitude it will effect you positively. If you are about to take a test and have a good attitude you will get a better grade than if you thought negatively.

You can change your attitude if you want to but first you have to realize you need to change it. You can say to yourself that you need to change it. You can also think of stuff that makes you feel better or happier.

Do you need to change your attitude, if so how?    Excellence = HabitCreative Commons License Celestine Chua via Compfight Patricia Mellin via Compfight

February 19

A Leaders Thoughts

Positive and negative thoughts affect what happens to you are the outcome. If you think positive about something then the outcome might be better than if you hadn’t thought positive. It goes the same way for negative thoughts about something.

A leader also has automatic thoughts. An automatic thought is a thought that you just think automatically and don’t tell yourself to think something.  Automatic thoughts just pop into your head without telling yourself to think that you also have to control your automatic thoughts.

Thoughts of healthy emotional people are different then people that aren’t emotionally healthy. Emotionally people tend to think of there-self  highly and are very confident sometimes to confident. People who are not emotionally healthy tend to look at reality to harsh and are most of the time depressed.   Are you emotionally healthy are not? your-thoughts-quotes

February 1

My Values

Everybody has different values depending on the kind of person they are.  I am going to close the gap between my values, and the way I live my life by staying true to my values. I will also try to act the same around others as I do with friends or by myself.

January 27

How I Want People To See Me

I want people to see me as a smart, kind, loyal, awesome, loving,  cool, respectful person, and honest. To be all of these things will be hard to maintain. I know that I can be all of these things because I am all of these things.                       To be kind to others will  not be that hard I will  try to stand up for others and treat them with respect.  I also will be honest no matter what I was  asked.  I also want people to see me as a trustful person.                                                            I also want people to see me as a loyal person. I want people to think that They can always depend on me no matter what.  These are just a few qualities that I want people to see me as.

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January 22

About My Brand

My personal brand includes loyalty, trust, and respect. I love roping and playing sports. I am also Catholic. I will go back an look at my post to remind myself about my brand. This will help me stay to my brand and not mess up.


December 17

Soul Surfer

During the soul surfer movie I started to really understand how important the I POSSESS skills anchly are. Bethany used presistance, optimissm, and self-motivation to  overcome her difficulties and inspire others.  I can use I POSSESS skills when I rope and do other sports.